Variations on legs

Yes, I know of the existence of Hipstamatic. Everyone is using it these days. And why blame them, even if you take a photo of a pea it still looks cool.

But here’s the thing. I don’t have an iPhone or any other device that has apps. I’m olkskool. (Or something like that.) And I like Photoshop. I like giving my photos a vintagefeel too, once in a while. I like doing that by myself, figuring out how much I have to change the red, green and blue channels to get the desired effect. It makes me proud of my own work.

But to be honest, sometimes I’m just lazy. Sometimes -now here’s a confession!- I wish I had Hipstamatic too! Because it makes it a hell of a lot easier to turn a dull photo into an awesome one! So how happy I was when my colleague shared an alternative for Hipstamatic! Hooray, now I can be lazy too! Since I’m extremely lazy today, feeling very sick and tired, and still hadn’t done a thing but stay in bed until 15.30 ‘o’ clock, I figured: Let’s try it out!

So here’s the eight variations I like the most (the first photo is the original): Aladin, Amber, Anne, Ivan, Josh, Julia, Karen and Sophie. Which one do you like the most?


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