In Indonesia, I saw very clearly what the paperindustry does to a country (and what palmoil does, but that’s for another time). To its (rain)forests, to be precise. It’s devestating. It made me vow to always, always, always try to use recycled paper or FSC-paper. It’s unacceptable that nature disappears and animals become extinct just because we don’t think about the stuff we use, and thus use way too much of it.

But the problem is: I love paper. Not just plain, white boring paper, but paper in general. And things people do with it to make it special or beautiful. I love beautiful postcards, envelopes, amazing calendars with great graphic design, I love beautifully illustrated magazines like Flow and I’m a total paper notebook addict (that’s my mum’s fault by the way, thank you very much!), in fact, I’m addicted to anything beautiful that you can write on. That’s why someday I really must make my dream a reality: start a little papershop. Simply because I can’t buy everything I love and keep it myself. The house would be flooded and I’d be broke.

This love for paper means that I always want to pop into any store that sells anything that vaguely resembles stationary. Oh the joy I felt when I was in Singapore’s biggest bookshop in the Takashima Shopping Centre! Not only an amazing amount of books, but a great big corner filled with amazing Asian (oh boy, kawaii!) stationary. For some reason I could control myself. I didn’t buy anything. Maybe because my brain was smart enough to remind me I was backpacking…

The backpacking was also what stopped me from buying all the beautiful things I saw in the kikki.K store at Changi Airport in Singapore. On the way to Indonesia, at the start of our trip, mind you. But whatever possessed me to not buy anything on the way back, an hour before I had to step on the plane back to Amsterdam… I will never know, and I honestly regret it to the day. Ok well maybe the fact that I was tired, in a rush, and just could not choose! The small shop is packed with such great things! I literally couldn’t choose. The notebooks are great, with great themes. The pens are beautiful. The stamps are just awesome. Everything just makes my heart jump! I’m totally in love with this stuff. So once in a while I take a look at the site, dream about having these things here in my home, and then sigh (because shipping from Australia is just way too expensive), close my laptop and keep dreaming.

Maybe one day…

But I must say: My recent experience in Indonesia has made me realise that the paper I will be selling in my future papershop must be sustainable, or as much as possible! Simply because I believe it is possible to have great stuff and not damage the earth!

PS: By the way, you can also create very nice photobooks with kikki.K!

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