A weekly bundle of happiness

Here’s what made me (among other things of course, there’s plenty more where that came from!) a happy gal this week (from left to right, top to bottom): I miss the sunshine and the Indonesian light, but this special sight, ice in the harbor, is something they don’t have over there! // my lips love this delicious lipbalm from Lush, completely vegan // I’m taking a course in Illustration, it’s a lot of fun and really triggers my creativity (even more) // I bought home plenty of pretty souvenirs from Indonesia, but nothing beats wearing a little bit of home on your body every single day, these bracelets are from Lombok // my first letter to a new penpal in Singapore // HandmadeByMo sent me a pretty package once again! // Awesome, these two kawaii books I ordered online! // I had the best time learning how to make my own stamps, Kitty Darkness Designs taught me how, and Elle Aime was the perfect host once again!

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2 gedachtes over “A weekly bundle of happiness

  1. Tarah zegt:

    Thanks again for attending the workshop ^___^ You made really awesome stamps! Also, super fun books! That I love kawaii book has been on my wish list for ages πŸ™‚ do you know about bookdepository.com? great place to find manga and anime for a good price and NO shipping world wide πŸ™‚ i just thought I’d share πŸ™‚ Happy creating πŸ™‚

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