Leap day project!

Here’s a project I finished today, hence the name ‘leap day project’! I was inspired by a number of projects on the internet, like this one and this one. I combined the different ideas I saw and made my own crochet-hook-thingy (does this thing have a proper name?). I started by doing some embroidery on felt. Then I cut out  three large pieces of fabric (well, it could have been two, but after I cut out a small rectangle and a larger one, I realised the large rectangle had to be twice as big so you can fold it over the hooks) and sewed them together. After sewing all the fabric together, I sewed the ‘bags’ in which I can put the hooks seperately. There’s also a bigger place for scissors.

My sewing machine is still in my house, and I was doing all this work in my boyfriend’s house, which means that everything you see is done by hand. Yes, that took quite some time! Very zen. But now it’s finally done and I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out! And it’s very handy too. I love practical projects!

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