A lot of Lat

A colleague and I were talking about cartoons and comics today. Mostly in relation to the style of drawing, because of this course in illustration I’m following. As we were talking, I suddenly thought of Lat again. One of my absolute favorite cartoons! Not just of the drawing-style, but also because it’s so darn realistic! None of the jokes or stories Lat tells are over the top or unbelievable. It’s all true, it’s just put under a magnifying glass. That’s why I love it so much. It’s one of the few cartoons that makes me really laugh out loud.

My parents have (almost, I think) the whole collection. My brothers and I are now fighting over it, we all want to have that collection, it’s gold! Luckily (since those cartoons are actually over thirty years old) two books have been translated into English, and thus are available here in the Netherlands. Apparently it doesn’t sell at all. I understand it totally. It’s so specific that you don’t understand it completely if you aren’t or have been living in Asia. It’s art and it’s damn funny. Here’s to Lat!

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