Weekly happiness

Well, what a busy week it’s been! As we say in Dutch: Gelukkig hebben we de foto’s nog! (Literally ‘At least we still have the pictures’.) So after rushing to a market down the street (where I bought some old embroidery books which are great for the ideas I have for new graphic designs), hopping around at the Swan Market and finally tasting Shop Elle Aime’s delicious macarons, and rehearsing with the band, I can now tell you about all the happy things in my life the past week (top to bottom, left to right): I was filming my colleague at this very colorful flowerstand, the colors made me so happy! // My cats hardly see me anymore since I’ve sort of half moved in with my boyfriend and I’m still hoping to find someone with a house and garden where they can live, so this was a precious happy moment at my own home with them around // This spontaneous idea at work made me very happy, as we decided that Monday will now be ‘funky-dress-day’! // I’m so very happy with this alphabet-stamp-set I got from Studio Stationery // Buttons on the envelope of a letterset, they’re so cute! // Beautiful notebooks I got from Like Stationery // And a third stationery package (yes, I’ve been buying a lot of that lately, but I think I have enough now) by Dreamkey.

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