Just a little thought. Or two.

Honestly, I should be doing something completely different right now (as in: work!), but there are some very happy thoughts on my mind. And I can’t do my work properly when these thoughts are jumping around in my head. So I might as well just share them with you, and then continue what I should be doing.

Thought 1: I’m meeting so many great people on Twitter, I love how social this thing is! It took me a long time (and a moment of actually wanting to quit this whole thing) to realise it, but now I can’t do without (addicted? Maybe!). I’m meeting other creatives, learning from them, being inspired by them, laughing with them (I wish I could name them all here, but if you see who I follow, you’ll get an idea). And actually it’s making me less scared to share the things I make! On top of that, they inspire me to just go ahead with these little dreams I have. For example, even though I’m haven’t actually filled my shop yet, I have finally opened a rrrauw shop on Etsy. More on that soon!

Thought 2: But speaking of Etsy… I’ve signed myself up for the Etsy Startersday, on March 31st. I really wanted to go because the programme is so interesting and I hope to learn a lot. But I’m also very excited to meet some people I’ve met through Twitter, in real life. And in general I’m just very excited about meeting other creatives. I love being around them, it inspires me!

Thought 3: And talking of creative… Tomorrow I’ll be going to my favorite shop in Rotabs, Elle Aime, to do a workshop making buttons! Great, I love buttons! I’m really looking forward to that. And I get to meet this lady, who initiated a card-swap with (for me at least) complete strangers. This whole month, we send eachother self-made cards. It’s great to get something in you physical mailbox that’s made with a lot of love. It’s even greater to make something for someone else, with a lot of love! Once we’re done, I’ll show you all the cards I got and made!

Thought 4: Wait, that’s not all! If my sore throat doesn’t get worse, I’ll be going to the Museumnacht tomorrownight, with my dear and very creative and musical friends M and R. I checked out the program this morning and there’s lots and lots I want to do and see!

Thought 5: I’m just so glad I signed up for that Illustration course to develop my skills. It’s really fuelled my creative energy. And every lesson I continue to amaze myself. Before, I didn’t really have any discipline. If I started drawing and it didn’t work out right, I’d give up and be frustrated. Now I learn that it really takes time, time, and time. We draw for 2,5 hours straight, and develop and draw and make the first idea better and better and better. Lo and behold, I’m actually starting to think I’m a pretty OK illustrator. And not only that, but I actually dare to try out things, play with prints in photoshop, encorporate these prints and patterns in my illustrations… I’m loving it! And I’m actually believing this can go somewhere.

Which brings me back to my Etsy shop. I really must get over my fear of ‘who wants to buy my stuff anyway?’ and just photograph my products and put them online. Live the dream baby, oh yeah!

And now it’s back to work.

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