Sneak preview

As you might know, I’m working hard on making stuff for my shop on Etsy. Even though it’s tempting to just start putting  things online and trying to sell them, I want to do a bit more preperation. Yes, I am a perfectionist! (And scared too. Honestly, I think the ‘perfectionist’ thing is just an excuse to procrastinate, because I’m just really scared people won’t like it at all!)

I want to make sure I have enough things I’m truly happy about, I want to make sure I photograph all products so they stand out at their best, and I want to make sure I fully understand the whole Etsy-thing. Including the (boring but necessary!) financial stuff. Oh and I want to turn my photography-site rrrauw around as well, so it’ll be about me both as a photographer and as… errr, something else (designer? Illustrator? Recycler? Still have to figure that one out.)

Luckily, I got myself a ticket to the Etsy startersday on March 31st. So instead of trying to do everything before then, I’ve decided I’m going to pay very close attention at all the interesting workshops, learn everything I need to learn, and fill my shop after that. Which is perfect timing, because a week later it’s Easter which means I have a couple of days off to really go for it (and have a romantic getaway with K too! Yay!).

Because a lot of you are asking me ‘so what are you going to sell?’, I’ve decided to give y’all a little sneakpreview. So here you go! And remember to check again after Easter (if all goes well, that is).

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