Find the highlights!

It’s been a very tiring week. I’m desperate for a holiday, for some time off, for a week without anything whatsoever. But at times like these it’s good to take pictures, look back, and remember the good stuff about the past seven days. Like: the mustard-yellow wool from Drops which I’m using to make a comfy wraparound (and which inspired me for some new colors on my website which is in the process of being updated) // the awesome neon pink acryllic I found at good old HEMA, which I’ll be using for my iPad sleeve (err, I don’t yet own an iPad but as soon as the new one is available here I’m getting one!) // a letter from my penpal in Singapore! // writing a letter to that same penpal in Singapore! // yet another workshop at Shop Elle Aime, where I learned all sorts of techniques to make necklaces and bracelets.

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