The royal card-swap

Well, of course not really royal… But I wrote about the card-swap before, and I promised to show you everything once we were done. It was initiated by Dee, who on Twitter just asked if anyone was interested in a card-swap. I love things like that, for two reasons. One, I love making things, especially for other people. And two, I love meeting new people, even if it’s not in real life. So I replied, and the four of us started! Here’s wat I sent to the others:

The first one went to Noofs, I made it with my home-made camera-stamps. The second went to Dee, I drew all these circles and filled them in. The last one went to Janet. For that one I threw myself at all my maskingtape and made a card out of it.

The bottom row is what I received. The first one is from Noofs, who made this amazing embroidery, what a work of art! The second one that arrived in my mailbox is from Janet, who made a crochet flower (on the back), and actually added real seeds for me to grow my own flowers! How great is that? And the third one is not just a card but box full of presents, by Dee. A box full of anything birdy, which I just love so much!

It’s been a great project, it was such a great thing to do! And even though I always say that I like giving more than receiving, I can honestly say that I really, really enjoyed the receiving part a lot! Thank you ladies, for all the goodness!

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