This is what it was all about

Last night, someone turned the creative-juices-tap on. I never mind it when the creative juices start flowing, but it was 4 ‘o’ clock and I did want to get a good night’s sleep. So I quickly jotted down all my ideas and tried to go back to sleep.

Why did the creative juices suddenly start flowing again? I think I know. Yesterday, as the sun was shining and the weather was lovely, I read an article in one of my favorite magazines, Flow. It was about the art of paper in Japan. The journalist took a trip to paper-heaven and spoke to some very crafty people there. Like the Austrialian Ebony, who’s life (if you read her blog) can’t do anything with you but make you wish you were her. But also the Japanese Kazumi Udagawa, who wrote the book ‘Self-made stationery’ (which is on my way as we speak). As I was surfing around on the internet, I came across a number of websites with Japanes stationery, and it made me so very happy! It’s strange how happy things like masking tape a person can make. Is that unhealthy?

Anyway. I started asking myself why I was so happy, and why reading Ebony’s stories made me so happy, and why reading that article in Flow made me so happy. Like I wrote before, I am a big paper-lover and a stationery-lover and that’s the reason why some months ago I started thinking about opening my own little shop. Time went by, and I kept on crafting and designing things, and last night (or should I say ‘this morning’) I realised that I had drifted away from my initial plan. Sure, I’m making all these things and that makes me happy, but sewing a little brooch has not much to do with my love for paper or stationery. It’s not that big of a disaster, I mean, I’m still making stuff out of leftover material and trying to work as sustainable as possible, but it didn’t really have much to do with my papershop-plan I had some months ago.

But what really fired me up and, I guess, started to get the creative juices flowing again, was something Udagawa said in Flow (or it might actually be a quote from her own book): ‘Your self-made stationery is the one and only stationery in the world. It’s easy to make, convenient to use, and it makes your life happy!’

I know what I need to do (and no, I don’t mean moving to Japan, even though I’d love to). Thank you Kazumi Udagawa!

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