Ok. After a long time of preparation, the end is finally nigh. Or in normal English: I’m ready to place my products in my Etsy shop. And I’ll tell you the truth: it scares the sh*t out of me!

I wrote earlier about how this whole thing started, and how I was drifting off into another direction, and how I read an interview with a Japanese stationery-designer and suddenly knew what I had to do again. That really helped, a lot! I got back on track, went back to my love for paper and suddenly everything fell into place. Which meant that suddenly, everything went really fast. I made some more things, took out my camera, took pictures of  the things I want to sell (and there’s more but let’s not start with 100 products), made them fit according tot Etsy regulations, and now I’m done with all that and I’m very, very scared. Because now the moment has arrived that I will fill my shop, which means that soon everybody will see what I’ve been up to. And everybody will have an opinion about the things I make, and that really scares me!

So even though I’m very excited about opening my shop, because I’ve been working towards it for months, now that the moment is almost there, I am just so scared about it.

Luckily I have a date with my hairdresser right now. It’ll take my mind of things for an hour (and it’ll make me look fresly cut again), and after that: let’s get going!

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