What a day!

My head is spinning! Today was the day I was looking forward to so  much! It was the Etsy startersday, as part of their Etsy Showroom (a showcase of 30 talents). And what a day it was! First off, it was great meeting these lovely people I knew through Twitter: Nina, Wendel, Babette, Simone, Marieke, and (a very brief encounter with) Imke

Then of course there were the workshops. It started off with the very enthusiastic team from Mama Marketing. They gave us great tips about finding your niche (oh dear… That’s something I really struggle with, I just like doing so many things!), how to really use social media to your advantage, how it really pays off to put many hours into marketing your brand, which essentially is YOU. Gosh, they just said so many interesting things, I have to read my own notes to remind myself of all the useful information! Luckily there’s a lot of useful information on their site.

Then this lovely lady told us things about laws and other legal stuff. Very good to know. The most important message was: Use the legal stuff only as a backup. If you’re professional and are all about good service, you will get very far!

After that we took a look at photography, a workshop given by Pini Piru. Interesting, but I had hoped for a little bit more practical information. I would’ve loved it if, for example, one product was photographed with different backgrounds, different light, different angles. Only then can you really see how photography works or does not. 

The last workshop was by Rob. He had the honor to talk to us about finances. Not the most fun thing in the world, but so very important. His most important message was: Don’t be scared, it’s not that big a deal! He had some great tips about taxes and showed us how to keep track of our finances in a simple yet effective Excel-sheet. See, no worries, it’s not that scary!

Inbetween the workshops we had very little time to actually go check out the showroom and see all the beautiful things others make. I wish we had a little bit more time for that, but on the other hand, this way I didn’t have the chance to spend any money! All in all, even  though my head is spinning and I think I need a couple of days to process all the information, I’m glad I went. Thank you to Etsy and thank you to the nice people who taught us all sorts of things!

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