This week in pictures: Cute things and nature

This week has been very creative and busy, but also filled wih great things, cute things, and nature. I’m happy I: taught the cute girl I’m helping with readinglessons how an old-fashioned analogue watch works (she only learns digital at school, so she was fascinated by this watch) // biked around town to film shots for awesome projects I’m working on // met new people at the Welkom in Rotterdam meeting, foreigners who want to learn Dutch, and I’m happy I have a museum-date with a very nice Chinese girl // saw the first blossom trees in bloom, it’s such a beautiful sight! // walked around the beautiful woods of Berg and Dal and saw this cute shrine // was able to sit down in a pancake-restaurant to rest my feet, after we found out the walk wasn’t 9 kilometers, but in fact 20, oh my!

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