Inspiration Friday: Kikki.K

“It started as a dream to do something I was totally passionate about.” Meet Kikki.K, or Kristina, Swedish founder of Kikki.K and stationery lover. She started this adventure when she moved to Australia and discovered she missed the Scandinavian design in that part of the world.

I came across a Kikki.K shop when I was on my way to Indonesia. On a stopover in Singapore, at 5 in the morning, I bumped into a little shop on Changi Airport. I was so tired after a 12-hour flight, but every single thing in that shop woke me up and made me happy. As it was the start of a trip, backpacking in Indonesia, it didn’t seem like a good idea to go shopping. I promised myself I would buy something on the way back, five weeks later. Unfortunately (oh, the regret!), on the way back we were in such a hurry, and in the short time I had I just couldn’t decide what to get, that in the end I didn’t get anything at all.

Thank god for internet, you’d say? Well, unfortunately, I’ll just have to wait till I make another trip to Asia to get these beautiful things (or just start a Kikki.K shop here). The shippingcosts from Australia are so incredibly high that it’s madness unless I buy a container full of gorgeous stuff. What gorgeous stuff? Here’s a small part of my wishlist:

Don’t you just love the prints and patterns, the designs, the things themselves? I love the little notebooks with red/white/blue prints, but the borderstamps (with which you can decorate plain paper for example) are adorable too. My absolute favorite, however, is the 365-diary. It has one single page per day, blank, which is ideal for a daily drawing, or a combination of words and pictures. And if you can’t find the inspiration, you can always turn to the Journaling Prompts on the blog. The rest of the blog is inspiring too by the way. Sometimes Kikki.K offers free desktop-wallpaper-downloads, they are gorgeous!

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