Inspiration Friday: The freedom of creativity

‘Creativiteit bevrijdt’, or in English: Creativity liberates. As in sets you free. It’s a t-shirt by Young in Prison, an organisation that helps kids in prison, anywhere in the world. It’s a good cause, but their slogan appeals to me on a different level. It totally applies to me and how I am, and that’s why I chose it as today’s inspiration. I mean, my 9 to 5 (or make that 8 to 6) job sometimes tires me out completely. These pas few weeks have just been way too busy. But once I sit down and make something of my own, let my creativity flow, it doesn’t matter how tired or non-inspired I am, I get an enormous energyboost and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I can make things, and that gives me a great feeling of freedom. Creativity liberates, it sets me free, it makes me believe I can do anything I want.

So  do you feel the same way about creativity? Or do you sometimes feel it takes you hostage, when you want (or need) to be creative but those juices just don’t want to flow?

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