Inspiration Friday: banners

In a world where blogs are more and more replacing regular websites (or at least, that’s the feeling I get), banners are getting more and more important. It’s not about the whole design of the website, but it’s all about the banner. The banner has to represent who you are and what you stand for. I find it incredibly difficult to capture everything in one banner. Some people seem to have no problem with it at all (or they hire someone who has no problem with it, that’s ok too!). Here are two banners I really, really like.

The first banner is from Hello Sandwich. It’s a very inspiring blog, and just makes you (I think I mentioned this before!) want to pack your bags and move to Japan. It’s so simple, yet so effective. The black O which obviously but at the same time in a very subtle way represents Japan. The Japanese letters underneath. I like it. Maybe because it’s such a contrast with the soft pastel feel of everything else on this crafty blog. It’s strong and I like it.

The second banner is completely different. It’s from Planet Fur. I like it because it looks like such a simple idea, but man, you just have to think of it, don’t you? I like the colors, they match perfectly. And what about that little twist with the ribbon as the camerastrap? And the little green triangles give a confetti-partyfeel. It makes me happy. This banner matches totally with the things Planet Fur makes and writes about.

You see, the rest of your blog/website can be so white, plain and simple, but if your banner is strong and a visual treat, then there’s absolutely nothing dull about the whole thing. What do you think? What’s your favorite banner, have you seen one that inpires you?

2 gedachtes over “Inspiration Friday: banners

  1. Noofs zegt:

    Wat een herkenbaar verhaal, Rivka. Ik ben al tijden aan het denken over een banner op mijn blog. Eindeloos veel dingen getekend, geplakt en geschilderd. Maar steeds is het net niet wat ik wil uitdrukken. Daarom laat ik het voor wat het is. En heb ik daar niks. Alleen tekst. En die pas ik ook steeds aan 😉 Ik vind de banner van Ingthings altijd aansprekend. Ze wisselt vaak maar altijd is ie mooi. Yvestown vind ik ook mooi en passend bij het blog. Fijn weekend.

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