The making of… The 19 cm2 drawings

19 cm2 drawings? Yes! On March 1, 2012, I started with a daily drawing in a square which measures 4.4 by 4.4 centimeters, which makes it a 19 cm2 drawing (or 19,36 to be exact)! Why, I hear you ask. Well, I had finished my self-portrait 365 project, so I was looking for something new to do. Since I wanted to draw more, I decided I would make a drawing about my day, every day. I was looking for an appropriate notebook, but couldn’t find anything I really liked. Then I came across the Monthly Simplanner at Studio Stationery and thought ‘hey, that’s a lot of fun, such a small space to use, how exciting!’ and so it started.

There are couple of rules to the game. One: I make a drawing each day. Two: I use a pen, and I can’t sketch with pencil, so yes, as I only have one shot at it, sometimes drawings go horribly wrong (see the example of the foot). Three: I can only use one color, although sometimes I’m allowed to cheat this rule. Four: I can experiment with style. So someday I just make a raw sketch, and someday I try out a bit of Manga.

I’ve been doing this for two months now, and it’s so much fun! I like looking back and trying to remember that day. It’s a great way to keep a diary! What about you, do you like keeping a diary, and if so, what does it look like?

3 gedachtes over “The making of… The 19 cm2 drawings

  1. Noofs zegt:

    Oh, wat leuk!!! Nu weet ik eindelijk waar ik je van ‘ken’ ! Van je zelfportretten-blog. Ik had steeds al het gevoel dat ik je eerder gezien had. Maar ja, er gebeurt zoveel op twitter en in blogland dat ik het niet meer wist. Toen we rond Valentijnsdag kaarten stuurden dacht ik het steeds.. maar natuurlijk nooit gevraagd. Slim als ik ben. Maar afin, nu is het raadsel opgelost. Haha. Leuk dat je een nieuw project begonnen bent. Tekenen is zó leuk. Succes en heel veel plezier ermee 🙂

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