The making of… a recycled phone cover

Cut out a piece of a shirt that’s destined to be thrown out. It has to be a twice the width of your phone and just a bit extra, and twice the length. If your fabric is very thin, add an extra layer of felt to protect your phone! // Fold the fabric in half (the longest side), the ‘good’ side on the inside. I’ve done some handsewing here, but of course you can also use a sewingmachine // Don’t sew the whole thing up, keep an opening. Through this hole (don’t make it too small!) you can turn the cover inside out again //  Before you turn it inside out, cut away the extra fabric // Sew up that hole! // Fold the fabric in half, once again with the ‘good’ side on the inside. Make sure that when you sew the sides together, your phone still fits // When finished sewing, turn it inside out. And there you go! A quick DIY-recycled-phonecover!

Geplaatst in: DIY

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