Inspiration Friday: Design your own fabric!

Some time ago, I purchased the book The Complete Guide to Designing And Printing Fabric (in the US it’s called Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design) by textile designer Laurie Wisbrun. It’s so inspiring! Even if you have no plans of actually designing your own fabric, it still gives you lots of graphic ideas which no doubt will inspire you for any other project.

It starts out with explaining different kinds of prints and designs (floral motifs, ethnic, geometric and so on) and shows you many examples, which is a great way to inspire the reader. It gaves you practical information about texture, repeat types, composition and understanding color. The great thing is, this book really focusses on the practical side. You learn how to draw a basic pattern with paper and pencil, but Laurie also teaches you about making patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator. This is really great! It really helps you with everything you need to know to make a print you can safely send to a shop like Spoonflower!

What I love about this book that it covers all aspects of designing and printing fabric. So not only do you learn the digital stuff, she also teaches you everything about textile dyes, inks and paints. So if you’re not into digital art of you just like making a one of a kind piece of fabric, she shows you how block printing and screenprinting works. That’s not all! There’s also stuff on stencilling, different ways to dye fabric… It just goes on and on! And there are interviews with a number of textile designers, if you weren’t inspired enough already.

Once in a while I just pick up this book and pick a random page to read. Like I said, it’s even inspiring if you don’t intend to design fabric! The book can truly be called the complete guide, because that’s just what it is!

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