Inspiration Friday: Prepare for a fair

Exciting news: On July 15th I’ll be going to my very first real-life fair! As a seller, that is! I won’t be at  the Swanmarket XXL all alone, I’ll be sharing a stand with my dear friend Maaike, and possibly someone else too. It’s so exciting!

So for this inspiration Friday, I was looking for tips and tricks on preparing for a fair. Thank god for the internet. Once again it means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I found some helpful Dutch articles, like this 4-part series on Mama Marketing, and this on Dutch Handmade. It contains a checklist with all the things you shouldn’t forget. Handy!

For all you English-speaking people out there, there’s information for you too. Like this piece of information of ArtMind. And if you still want to know more, or aren’t sure you know everything  there is to know about preparing for a fair, here’s a site with a big list of even more information.

I know what I’ll be doing until July 15th: making lots of things (I need stock!) and making sure I can check everything off the lists. Exciting times! And please do come and have a chat with me and Maaike, and maybe buy something you like! The Swanmarket XXL will be held at the Museumpark in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, and I just know the sun will shine that day!

P.S. Do you like the things you see here, and can’t wait till July 15th (or won’t be able to come)? Then visit my online shop! You’re always welcome there. See you around!

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