Inspiration Friday: Paper Stories

A while ago I wrote about Twitter, and how I like that it helped me meet so many new people and enter so many great new worlds. I enjoy meeting ‘tweeps’ in real life, like Nina. We met at the Etsy startersday, did a workshop at Elle Aime together, and I closely watched her exciting journey into opening a webshop called Paper Stories.

I knew she was stressed out about it as the date of June 1st came closer and closer, but I just got more and more excited each day, because I was looking forward to all the beautiful things she’d be selling. And now the moment is finally here, Paper Stories has finally opened its online doors!

And oh my… what a lot of beautiful things in one place. There are lots and lots of things I just need (ok, well, want) to have, but I also love the look of the shop itself. It’s so… just the way I like it! Actually, it’s just the way I would love my own papershop to look, if I would have one. The colorscheme, the photos with wallpaperbackgrounds, it’s all just eyecandy to me. I can’t wait to go fill that basket with things like this notebook, these stickers and this maskingtape!

Congratulations Nina, you did it, and I’m sure you’re making many paperlovers around the world very happy!

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