Food for thought

It’s a little bit weird to say this… But I’m actually, secretly, a little bit proud of myself…

The past weeks I’ve been working hard for a good cause, the Voedselbank of the city of Rotterdam. It’s an organisation that hands out weekly foodpackages to people who are in such financial troubles that they can’t buy these basic needs themselves anymore. It’s horrible that in a rich country like the Netherlands we actually need a national organisation like this. Even worse: the organisation is in trouble itself. More and more people need their help, but they’re depending on donations from companies and supermarkets to provide food, and these companies give them less and less. That means there are waitinglists, people who really need help, can’t get it.

I work for the municipality, and that means I have more than 12.000 colleagues. So I thought, and luckily two other colleagues with me: let’s mobilise all these people and get them to donate cans of food! Feed the Voedselbank (which in a literal translation means Foodbank)! So we worked hard, got help from so many great colleagues, and collected around 4000 cans! And the great news doesn’t stop here. The local network RTV Rijnmond heard of our story, and decided to help as well. As a sort of marathon, they are now mobilising the whole city and are doing a major collection-action (err, that’s probably not the right word) this whole week. And they have the power of being the media, and companies love media. So hopefully, by the end of the week, they will have collected even more food for the Voedselbank!

I’m proud of all my colleagues who helped and donated, I’m amazed at the snowball-effect, I’m happy our little project turned out really big and got attention for what’s going on (because essentially, the Voedselbank is in need and something needs to be done about it!), but I’m also a little tiny bit proud of myself. I turned a little thought (‘Hm, I need to do something’) into action, and it had great effect. Yay!

If you understand Dutch, you can read more about it here and see some pictures too (and there’s some radiofootage as well), and even see me briefly on the news (it starts at about 8 and a half minutes into the show):

And if you want to do something yourself, please do! You can find information on donating here!

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