Inspiration Friday: Ing-things

Sometimes you come across pictures or people or things that just make you smile so much! This blog does just that. It’s in Dutch, but there’s a translate button on the side for you non-Dutchies out there. And hey, even if you don’t speak the language, just look at the pictures! Ingrid makes the cutest photos and drawings, or a combination of both (all pictures below are by her).

I could be all intellectual about it, analyze why it makes me happy when I look at it. I could be all scientific and give a lecture about children’s photos, the handwriting, the honest and pure thoughts. But you know what, I won’t. It just does, and that’s what matters! No need to think about the why here.

(And oh, you can still enter the amazing giveaway marathon that’s going on there at the moment! You’ve missed the opportunity to win a rrrauw (recycled) package, that was earlier this week, but there’s still great stuff you just have to have!)

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