Inspiration Friday: Home sweet home

Inspired by a recent blog by Philomeen, I decided to look for some inspiration in my own home. I mean, there are som many beautiful things I surround myself with, yet I never look at them as inspiration. Time to change that!

The raw industrial look of this wall is the best thing ever, I love this feature. I try to keep everything I do simple and pure, just like this wall. There’s so much beauty in everyday things! // I bought this batik bird on silk in Indonesia. I love the softness of it, and the colorscheme. // I bought this little kimmidoll just because of the colors, I love how the mint, grey and touch of pink work so well together // The colors on this painting by Cynthia Bobeldijk are so wonderful, but I also love the rawness of the figures. It’s inspiring because I have a tendency to feel I failed if my drawings aren’t perfect. This shows how beautiful an imperfect stroke or line can be! // This limited edition Hello Kitty Holland is inspiring because it reminds me that life doesn’t always have to be serious! // I bought this little statue at a brocante in France many years ago. I love the colorscheme and still want to use that as a basis for, well, something. I just don’t know what yet. // This is the lock and number on an old box from my boyfriend’s parent’s house. I like this industrial look, because it’s so pure. // I bought this vase in a secondhand shop in Middelburg last year. I fell in love with it instantly. I like how it just drips down and it reminds me to accept the ‘happy accidents’ in my own work // This is a drawing of two birds I got at a secondhand sale last year. I just love drawings of birds so much, but I never make any myself… // These three things have absolutely nothing to do with eachother, but maybe I like them even more this way. I think this still-life is trying to tell me to not be scared and just try out things that might not work at first // This is a collection of shells from the beach in Lombok, and pieces of lava and sulfur from an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Java. I love these because even though I’m a citygirl, I actually love nature very much. I like to keep pieces of nature in sight to remind me of the world outside this city. I might someday do something with this in my illustrations, just like the Dutch illustrator Annemoon van Steen.

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