Inspiration Friday: Fabric

Yes, I am a paperlover. Seeing beautiful paper just makes me want to touch and own it. But I love fabric too! A lot! Luckily my mom has always been sewing, as long as can remember. And the best thing about it is: She just donated all her leftover pieces of fabric last weekend. Yay! I already made a cute little purple purse with it (which you can see here) but there’s loads more just waiting for me. Right now it’s all in bags though, waiting to be sorted. Once I’ve sorted it, I’ll make a picture and show you all the beautiful fabric I’ve collected over the years. A word of warning though: it’s nowhere near as much and as wonderful as Else Besjes‘ collection of fabric you see here. She put it all on display for the purse-workshop she gave a while ago. Wow, what a fabric-candyshop that was! And we could choose anything we wanted to use for our little purse! I think choosing the fabric was the hardest part of that workshop… Cute little prints, simple patterns, beautiful color combinations, special illustrations… Seeing someone else’s collection is always very inspiring. And seeing how she sorted it by color is inspiring too. Very handy!

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