The making of… The Swan Market

Last Sunday was my first time ever at a market, selling my stuff in public. I was so excited about it! I woke up very early that morning. Even though I had finished all my work the day before, I still had lost of plans so I just got up and made some final adjustments. At 10 in the morning I met my friend Maaike and we chose a stand which we would share with Renée du Nord.

I enjoyed myself so much during the day. I really, really liked being there! It was great talking to people, meeting tweeps, hearing reactions from potential buyers. I was here for fun and for educational purposes, and I told myself in advance that it didn’t matter if I didn’t sell anything. Lo and behold, I actually sold some stuff! That was so exciting!

So for today’s blog (a slightly alternative Making of…) I’ll share with you things I learned and might just do differently the next time I’ll be selling at a market. That’s Augustus 26th, if you’re interested! That day I’ll be sharing a stand with the lovely Atelier Mama Bee at the City Art Fair in Dordrecht.

1. I learned that it’s quite difficult to display your stuff, and that too much might not be such a good thing. I made special packages with sets of notebooks and envelopes, I had bags, purses and postcards. I think I could’ve better displayed a small number of those special packages and refill the stand when I sold something, than put everything I had with me on display. There was just too much to choose from, and the stand became quite cluttered.

2. Because it was a first time for us all, and we didn’t have enough on our own to fill a whole stand, we decided to share. I learned that three sellers is too much. I think it confused shoppers, who didn’t understand why there were so many different things on display. However, the good thing about sharing is that it takes the pressure off things. A stand at the Swan Market is quite expensive if you’re not sure you’re going to sell anything. Just stick to two sellers.

3. I learned that people rarely see behind the first 30 centimeters or so. So whatever you put behind the first row will be less visible, even if it is in fact clearly visible. People walk past all these stands, and scan the first 30 centimeters. Only if they’re really interested will they look at the other things behind it. So hardly anyone saw my purses which I put on a higher display behind all the notebooks.

4/5. Renée left early which left more space for Maaike and me to display our things. However, since the white boxes were Renée’s, we lost those in our display. I learned that when everything lies down flat, it doesn’t look very attractive. You really need props so you can display products varied in hight.

6. The Swan Market is usually from 12 tot 17h. This edition was from 12 to 20h, which was just too much. I learned that people stop shopping at five or six ‘o’ clock. Then they just eat, drink, and go home.We packed up at around seven, when we had been customer-less for an hour.

I learned much more, but I won’t bore you with every detail. I do know that I’ll have to think more about an attractive way to sell things. The special packages worked well, people really liked them. I guess people like buying ready-made giftpackages, or sets of things, more than buying one little notebook. For the next market I will also think about DIY-sets, people (like I do myself) really like to buy DIY packages! Maaike had pretty little DIY sets for friendship-bracelets, and they looked really attractive. So you see, I learned from my co-sellers as well!

Thank you all for the support, the nice chats, the stopping by, the saying hello, looking at my stuff and actually buying it!

2 gedachtes over “The making of… The Swan Market

  1. Sil zegt:

    En dan heb je van die mutsen die de moed verzamelen om je gedag te zeggen en dan helemaal niet naar je kraam en spulletjes kijken omdat ze t spannend vinden en dan halsoverkop weer vertrekken, aangenaam muts Sil

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