Inspiration Friday: Camp Pikaland

For me, inspiration is the same as excitement. If I’m inspired by something, I get excited. I get excited about wanting to try something like that myself, or I get excited because it’s inspiring me to finish a project I didn’t know how to finish, or I just get excited because I love seeing other people make beautiful things.

Camp Pikaland equals inspiration equals excitement. Founder Amy Ng brought together a whole bunch of creative and very inspiring artists to give the most exciting workshops. Well, I must admit that I haven’t actually done a workshop myself yet, but just reading about it all makes me very happy. I’m seriously thinking about doing Kim Welling’s workshop, that sure looks like fun! But this one and this one are on my wishlist too. I just, once again, can’t choose. And it’s not like I won the lottery, so I can’t do all the workshops I want…

Oh and talking of inspiring: aren’t the illustrations on the site itself just the best?

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