The making of… An illustrated recipe

When Etsy NL announced they were teaming up with 101 Woonideeën to organise an illustration-Etsylab, and all the nice people I know immediately said they’d go, I just couldn’t stay at home. So July 23rd we all went to Utrecht after we had to choose between four very interesting and different illustration workshops. Together with Ria and Marieke, I learned from Lieke from Geek de Chique how to turn a written recipe into an illustration. Now I’m a terrible cook, but I do love drawing! Let’s hope my illustration is clear enough for anyone wanting to try this recipe!

1. After choosing a recipe, we had to write down the steps we wanted to draw // 2. Then we had to sketch away, trying out all the ways to illustrate (in this case) a slice of cheese, or a piece of bread, or tomatoes // 3. Once I was happy with my sketches I drew them on a colored sheet of paper, in pencil. Then I traced it all with fineliner // 4. I erased all the pencil-lines, and voila! Lieke’s advice? Keep it simple! Well, I’m never one to draw loads of details, but I hope this illustration isn’t too simple!

I had loads of fun, and I loved walking around the room to see what everybody else was doing. I have to admit I was a little bit jealous of the lovely Nina, Simone and Lisa who were making a great 3d illustration in a box, a workshop by Kim Welling. That looked like so much fun too! But I’m just so happy with the whole evening, I wouldn’t want to have missed this for the world. Thank you Etsy and 101 Woonideeën!


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