The making of… A visual journal

Remember how I wrote about Anna Denise’s journals? They inspired me to do a bit of visual journalling myself. Since I already have my daily 19 squared centimeter drawings, there was no need for me to start doing this daily too. But I do love drawing, I do love using my watercolor pencils, and I do love telling stories. So I just make a visual journal whenever I feel like it. ‘Whenever I feel like it’ still seems to be daily…

I don’t use a moleskine like Anna Denise does. I just made my own A5 blank book (how those skills come in handy!). However, for this Making Of I show you a visual journal entry I did in my diary, which, by coincidence, is by Moleskine. But you can use any (blank) book you like!

1. First I thought about what I wanted to draw, and sketched that with a pencil. My cats were making me feel very guilty about their empty food bowl so I instantly knew that was my subject.
2. After sketching, I used my 0.5 mm fineliner to trace the lines. I might shift a line here and there. I have these fineliners in different line widths because I like to vary. This brand is my favorite because it’s reliable (other fineliners I used don’t always give a straight black line, the ink doesn’t flow smoothly) and waterproof.
3. Then I erase the pencil-lines. Be careful though! I’m sometimes too wreckless and crease the paper…
4. I use my watercolor pencils to color in my page. I use Albrecht Dürer pencils by Faber-Castell, but you can choose any brand you like. I use watercolor pencils (or regular watercolor) because I like the colors much more than regular color pencils and because I don’t like markers. But that’s just my choice, you can do whatever you like!
5. As you need to do with watercolor pencils, I take water and a small brush, and color the whole thing in. Moleskine paper is very thin and it will look all wobbly when wet, but once it dries everything is ok!
6. Once everything is dry, I trace of the lines with fineliner again. I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes the original lines have become too vague because of the watercolors. This way they’re crispy black again. A little trick if (like me) you don’t have a very steady hand and thus get wobbly lines not exactly on top of eachother:Uuse a thin fineliner, like 0.05, for the first drawing (before you color it in), and use a thicker one, like 0.3, 0.5 or whatever, for the last part.

Voila, there you have it, the making of a visual journal!

4 gedachtes over “The making of… A visual journal

  1. jacolienstufftolove zegt:

    It looks nice! I also love Anna Denise’s drawings, was awe when going through her journal at the Etsy Labs. Also learned a lot when I follow her online journalling-course.
    I journal once in a while, but should do it more often.

    • rrrauw zegt:

      Wat lief dat ik je dit duwtje mocht geven! 🙂 Veel succes, ben benieuwd! En als je vragen hebt mag je ze natuurlijk altijd stellen (alsof ik alles zo goed weet…). Enne, ik heb in het buitenland gewoond en op een internationale school gezeten. Dat helpt. 😉

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