The making of… A bag

The making of a bag? That sounds rather dull, doesn’t it? Well, I won’t actually write about making the bag itself. This is more about learning to sew. Yes, learning to sew. You see, my mom makes lots and lots of clothes and things herself. I’m sure she tried to teach me when I was little, but I guess I didn’t always pay that much attention. So yes I sew, but I just invent everything as I go along. It works, but I have always been certain there are easier ways to do things. It was time I learned the tricks of the trade.

So I decided to sign up for a beginners course in sewing. I love living in a big city: We actually have a shop called Naaicafé (‘sewing-café), and the owner Caroline Vogel gives all sorts of lessons, at all levels. This morning was my first lesson. I was a little afraid I’d be sitting there with 10 other beginners, learning how to sew a square piece of fabric. But no! There were three other pupils and everyone worked at their own pace and level. All the personal attention you get is totally aimed at you and your skills! Love it!

By making a simple bag, I got acquainted with another sewingmachine than my own. It’s like driving someone else’s car, you always need some time to get used to how it feels and drives. In just 2,5 hours, I not only made this cute bag, but I learned loads of things which will make my sewinglife so much easier! Tips on pinning your fabric, on sewing a straight hem, on thread, on so many things! And this was only lesson one… Can’t wait to learn even more!

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