Inspiration Friday: Katherine Dunn

A while ago I bought the book ‘Creative Illustration Workshop for mixed-media artists‘ by Katherine Dunn. I didn’t know her at all, I was just interested in the title. When I started with the book, I was a bit disappointed at first. ‘Workshop’ implied excercises and things to do and learn. If that’s a book you’re looking for, like I was, don’t buy this.

BUT. If you’re looking for inspiration, go right ahead! Because as I kept on reading, I realized I was getting more and more inspired by this. The book is filled with little stories on how the artist makes her work, gets inspiration and what her creative process is like. And that’s more inspiring than I thought!

Funnily enough, I started to like her style more too, as I went along. From ‘oh my god why did I ever buy this book, I miss the exercises and I don’t even like what she makes’ to ‘hm, well, I think I’m actually starting to like her style…’ to ‘oh wow, this collage is amazing!’. Funny how these things work. Have I just grown more sympathetic towards this artist who lives on a farm far away from all citylike-chaos? Have I just grown more fond of the whole collage-thing, have I suddenly started loving drawings of animals more? Is it the child-like style that I’m starting to adore?

I don’t know, but I do know that when I finished the last page, I wished it wasn’t over. I just wanted more! I even seriously considered making a sock-doll because there’s a chapter on bringing your drawings to life with old socks. Sounds weird, I know! So I thought Katherine Dunn deserved an Inspiration Friday post. Because even though the book wasn’t what I had hoped, I did get something completely else: Inspiration. I wanted to create just by looking at her work. How inspiring is that?

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