The making of… My first workshop

On Saturday I gave my very first workshop. I wanted to help people make their own recycled stationery, so I picked a day, time, and just posted it all over the web. I gave the workshop at home so I only had room for a maximum of four people. I’ll tell you: It was great, it gave me so much energy! I guess I just love passing on knowledge and sharing tips and tricks. I’ll definitely be doing this again!

My two pupils (the third one sadly had to cancel) arrived at 1pm, so I had to have everything ready by then. I chose a cute green flowered tablecloth and took out every bit of paper I had for the ladies to use. On the other side of the table were all other supplies, like maskingtape for decoration, stamps, glue and staples. I displayed samples of my own work for inspiration, as well as inspiring books such as ‘Self-Made Stationery‘ and ‘Prachtig Papier‘. Of course I also baked some brownies to fuel the creative energy.

After explaining the possibilities of recycling paper, the ladies searched for inspiration and started working. It was so inspiring to see what they were making! It was so much fun helping them create something pretty. It was also great to share stories and talk about life in general. What a great way to meet nice people!

As promised, no one went home empty-handed. It was funny to see they both splashed out on pink items! One pupil made a cute little notebook, decorating the cover with beautiful maskingtape. She also made a very cute garland for a new-born girl, decorating the pink circles with cutouts from magazines, little drawings and maskingtape. The other pupil made an awesome notebook (I loved her idea of mixing a photograph with a pattern, it works so well!), a cute little cardholder for a metro-card, and a filingfolder from old envelopes. Gosh, I’m so proud of them! In three hours they made all this from scratch!

Are you inspired by all this and want to make something yourself? Keep a close eye on this page, new dates coming up soon!



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5 gedachtes over “The making of… My first workshop

  1. Jantina Van Veelen Louwdijk zegt:

    Yes! Eindelijk lukt het me om een berichtje te plaatsen hier, elke keer ging het fout… Het was zooo ontzettend leuk deze workshop 🙂 Ik heb er echt van genoten! Heb vandaag zo’n map gemaakt met enveloppen, voor de swap-bot meeting as zaterdag 🙂 Echt heerlijk om bezig te zijn met papier, lekker zzzzennnn!

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