The making of… RLM

Maybe you’ve seen it on Twitter, or on this blog: RLM. Short for Real-Life Meetup. A little gettogether invented by the dear Nina and myself. You see, we know eachother trough Twitter, and it was delightful to meet eachother in real life. Since we know many other people through Twitter that we thought would be great to meet in real-life, we decided to host a gettogether for bloggers and tweeps. Some people we invited we already knew, but since we mostly ‘speak’ to eachother on the web, this gettogether would be a nice way to catch up face to face.

We made a list of people we wanted to invite and emailed everyone. Since we love meeting new people, we then asked everyone who came to bring someone with them. We took care of the drinks, and the invitees were asked to bring something to eat. And they did! There was cake and cookies as far as the eye could see!

Of course eating lots of cake is fun, but it was just great being able to talk to eachother in real life. We laughed, we shared stories, we ate, we talked, we enjoyed seeing people unpack their orders from Nina, we talked about events and workshops: We had fun!

We really hope this was only the first in a series, and that all the nice people who couldn’t make it this time, will be there the next. And to thank Philomeen, Anouk, Ria and Dee, we made a little goodiebag (the handbound notebook on the left and card are made by me, the notebook with print on the right and handmade tags are by Nina). Just to say ‘thanks for being here guys, you’re the best!’.

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