Inspiration Friday: Illustrated food

This might be somewhat of an odd Inspiration Friday. You see, I have a confession to make. I’m trying to beat a serious sugar addiction right now, and it’s just making me crazy! No sugar means all I can think about is food, food, food! So yesterday I couldn’t take it any longer and ate a handful of M&M’s. I didn’t even enjoy it. I guess physically it’s very easy to not eat sugar, but mentally… Although, to be honest, it’s not the sugar I’m missing. It’s the energy it gave me, even though (and that’s the reason I started this rehab) I always experience an enormous energy dip afterwards.

So not missing the sugar, but the fuels for my body, all I want to do all day long is eat. Doesn’t matter what it is (although the actual cravings for Mars-bars and cookies have gone), I want it. NOW. Bread. Crackers. Rice. Cheese. Noodles. Pasta. Carbs! I just want to eat, eat, eat all day long.

I hope it’s phase. I pray it’s just a phase. Once I kick this nasty addiction I’ll be ok, and then I’ll have a healthy relationship with food again. And I know that because lately I’ve really enjoyed cooking a lot more. Making nutricious, healthy food. Like homemade tomatosoup. Or eating oatmeal for breakfast, or yoghurt with fresh fruit.

So, in order to inspire myself, here are some awesome illustrations of healthy food, also known as vegetables:

Illustrations by: Emily Isabella Design // Fowler Creative Arts // Red Cruiser // Kathryn Warren // Les Joues Grises // Neiko Art

And of course I just really need to get this cute little thing by Emily MacKenzie (don’t you just love the Roald Dahl feel to this design?):

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