The making of… A diorama

How I have fond memories of dioramas! For some reason, Indonesian museums use them a lot, to portray the history of their country. As a child, I was wildly fascinated by these things. I know it’s only dolls and miniature trees and cars, but they made history so alive! Last year when I returned, I was glad to see they still had them in the museums I visited.

So I tried making my own 3d illustration (sort of like a diorama, but slightly different, because I drew everything instead of using miniature props) I failed miserably. Ok, maybe not miserably, but it wasn’t exactly a great succes. It was too hard, getting everything to fit together and look good. So when Lisa hosted a diorama-making-workshop, of course I just had to go!

The great thing about doing this at a place like Lisa’s shop Elle Aime, is that she has everything you could possibly need to make a diorama. Heck, you can even choose a dinosaur-theme if you like! It’s unbelievable, all the stuff she has gathered together to make your diorama-wishes come true! And she just let us go wild, pick anything we liked to include in our box. I saw the little porcelain bird and just knew I had to use it. Then I saw the little yellow deer, and I had to include that too. Then I saw little Alice, and quickly it became clear that my diorama was going to have an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. I just gathered all sorts of things, leafs, a tree and lots of little birds. I decided on a yellow striped background, and added some green patterned paper on top. The cute bird didn’t actually fit inside the box, so I placed it on top, as if it’s overseeing everything. Isn’t that cute?

I believe this is the quietest workshop I have ever done. Everyone was so busy and concentrated on cutting, pasting, putting things here and there, picking out more stuff to include, cut again, paste, re-paste… I had so much fun, and I really, really enjoyed making my own diorama. In fact, it was even more fun that I imagined. Ending up with such a (but maybe that’s just me) cool thing, my very own awesome diorama, was just great! So if Lisa ever does this workshop again, I say: GO! And I might just see you there, again.

One last great thing about Lisa: she read about me trying to beat a sugar addiction, so she made a sugarfree pie! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing in the world? And I got a great big goodiebag because I had already attended six workshops, how nice is that? Thank you Lisa!

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