This week in pictures: 2012, week 41

Am I still alive? I think so… But please, no more weeks like this one! It was a great week, don’t get me wrong (I even gave my first little course about how to use images instead of words, and I realized I’m not the bad teacher I always thought I was!), but it was just a little bit too much for one week, that’s all. So what did I do? I saw minister Dick Couvée enjoy seeing his new church being built // I always love being inside the Maastunnel // I found a beautiful red fat lava Scheurich vase on the market // I had my first overseas order through Etsy // I mailed the goodies to the winners of the double giveaway // I received lots of stuff as a donater to the Stichting Handboekbinden // Success in beating my sugaraddiction: I now drink my cappuccino or latte macchiato without sugar! // I saw deer on the Veluwe… wow!


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