The making of… The paperbagbook

I love keeping travel journals, or inspiration diaries. I like collecting cute little pictures, inspiring paperwork, teabags, coupons, whatever looks nice. The problem with a normal journal is that you have to glue everything in. But if you make a journal out of paper bags, you have a place for sticking in stuff, but also for collecting loose bits and bobs! Isn’t that handy?

What you need: Three or four paper bags, like you get from a grocerystore or (my favorite!) Lush // scissors // needle and (bookbinding) thread // a ruler.

What to do: Carefully turn the paperbags inside out (if there’s no print on the outside, you can skip this step) // If, like me, you accidentally tore a hole in the paper, just fix it with cute maskingtape // Flatten the bags // Fold each bag in the middle, and make a good crease so it folds neatly // Arrange the bags on top of each other, and alternate the open sides so you have ‘envelopes’ on the left and on the right // If you like (but you don’t have to) you can cut off the handles.

And now the fun part, bookbinding! What to do: Punch three little holes in each bag, measure it so they’ll be exactly in the same place in each bag // Take your needle and thread and from the inside of the book, go through the middle hole, through each bag // Then go back through the bottom hole // And then through the top hole // Come back through the middle hole // Pull tight (be careful not to rip the paper) and tie a knot with the two loose ends // Cut the thread // Now this is what it looks like on the inside // And on the outside! There you go, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now you can start decorating! You can make a cute cover, add some string to wrap around it, and start collecting things for your inspiration or travel journal. Have fun!

(By the way, although I wish I did, I didn’t completely invent this myself. It’s an altered version of the Paperbag Book in ‘Making Handmade Books‘ by Alisa Golden.)




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