Inspiration Friday: Letterkabinet

A while ago I wrote about my love for books and how I majored in Book & Publishing Studies. During my studies, in the cellar of the university’s main building there was printing press. Later on we moved to a room with a window, which was nice. But anyway, I loved being there. Not that I printed much myself, I just loved being around that thing. It felt like this magic machine, I thought it was awesome! Gosh, how I enjoyed studytrips to the Plantin-Moretus Museum, the Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Gutenberg Museum. During my year at art school I also did some printing myself. In the cellar, once again. (What’s up with printing in cellars?)

Since then I’ve never been near an actual printingpress anymore, sadly. I’ve found other things to do. But when I came across Maartje Janssen’s blog Letterkabinet, my heart just jumped for joy! Here’s someone the same age (well, a year younger), doing actual printing herself! How cool is that? And the things she makes a so pretty, I just want to have them all (all photos are taking from her website)!

Good thing I’m going to the Boekkunstbeurs in November, so I get to see her work in real life. I know that just being surrounded by all these printers and books will make me so happy. In fact, just thinking about it already makes me a happy girl. I just love craftmanship. My hands are just itching to go somewhere where I can print something myself again, but it’s a good thing Maartje warned me that printing at home is very time-consuming. So because I won’t be buying a printer myself anytime soon, I’m dedicating today’s Inspiration Friday to Letterkabinet, so we can all look at all the pretty printing Maartje does!

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