This week in pictures: 2012, week 42

And it’s Sunday again! Only two more months and I’ll be in Japan for three weeks. Can’t wait! But now is now, and this is what kept me busy the past week: The great Kunsthal art-robbery of course. Horrible news, but terribly fascinating! And so close to home! My imagination has just gone wild! // I used to do a sun salutation each morning but now I’ve discovered the five Tibetan Rites. An even better way to start the day! // A new season of Dexter has started. Oh my… // I’ve been working on my first crochet hat, a pattern by Haakt. Two attempts left me with a hat way too small. On to attempt three… // I received an invitation for the farewell party of my dearest friends M and R who’ll be travelling the world for a year. Although I’m very excited for them, I’m also a bit sad. I hate saying goodbye, I will miss them so much. // I dropped by the Swan Market to say hello to some lovely people. And couldn’t resist buying a cool stamp from the new Indie-Ish shop, a cute little wallet from another new shop, The Cloudy Shop, and an awesome brooch from the lovely Broesj.


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