The making of… The pointy shawl

Isn’t that thing around my neck awesome? I wish I had designed it myself! But no. I did the crocheting myself, but it’s a design by the crochet-queen Haakt, called the Pointy Shawl. She has lovely designs in her shop, even for total beginners (like this design is). And you can choose any color-combination you want!

Below is series of pictures I made while making this*. It started with a package from Haakt, with all the yarn you need and the instructions. Don’t you just love how you start out with a piece of string, and end up with something you can wrap around your neck? The things just grows and grows, that’s so cool! So go now, buy the design from Haakt and get started folks (if you have enough yarn yourself, you can also just buy the instructions). Have fun!

*Please note that these pictures are only meant to show you how the yarn grew into a shawl. These pictures are  not intended as a tutorial! You really need to buy the design from Haakt to learn how to make this cool thing!


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