Inspiration Friday: Illustration mentors

On Twitter, I saw some exciting news on Urlaub, an illustration and concept store, soon to open. It’s a project by Kim Welling and Ellen Vesters. As I was doing some browsing on the Urlaub website, I came across this (Dutch) interview with the ladies.

I roughly quote: “Ellen turned 30 and realized that after years of making a career, she decided she wanted to do what she did as a child: be an illustrator. Finishing artschool wasn’t an option because of finances. She decided to search for tutors, like peope did in the old days when they wanted to learn a craft. ”

Wow, what an inspiring idea! I quit artschool after year and always thought about going back. But finances stopped me from doing it, just like with Ellen. So the thought of getting a tutor or mentor was just… why hadn’t I thought of that? So my mind immediately started going crazy. How could I do this myself, could I think up assignments for myself and ask skilled illustrators to give me feedback? But why would they want to help me out? What should be in there for them? And what kind of assignments would I have to invent? Style, techniques, what else?

Since it was late at night when I thought of that idea, it’s now on my to-think-about-list. Part of the things to think about: Who would I love to have as a mentor? (Don’t worry if you see your name up here, it’s just a thought, no more than that!)

From left to right: Ellen Vesters (of course), Amy Ng (also famous for Pikaland) and Sterre Verbokkem. I love their work so much! And I love their style, which is inspiring since I’m really searching for my own style. And speaking of searching, here’s a very good story about doing what you do by Maaike Hartjes.

Who would you love to have as a mentor or tutor?

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