The making of… The recycled infinity scarf

I’m a sucker for scarfs and shawls and cowls. If I can wrap it around my neck, I love it. Combine that with recycling old t-shirts, and voila, you have the recycled infinity scarf!

What to do? First, collect a bunch of t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore (the softer the t-shirts, the more comfortable your scarf will be!) // Measure from the bottom of the shirt to an armpit and take a length that you can cut from all your shirts (you don’t want armpits or a neckline in your scarf!) // Cut each t-shirt at that length so you basically have a bunch of circles. Cut open one side on the seam, or on both sides if you want to mix and match smaller pieces // Pin the pieces of fabric together, right sides together, and close it up so you have a circle (hence the name Infinity Scarf!). Make sure that 1) you end up with a big enough circle you can wrap around your neck twice or three times and 2) all the right sides are on the same side // Sew it all together // If your shirts are made from jersey don’t worry about hemming, the fabric curls up anyway!

And there you have it, your very own recycled infinity scarf!

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