The making of… An entry for a contest

Moosmade celebrated her first anniversary with a contest: design a new stamp for her shop. Wow, what a great way to celebrate!

Unfortunately, I didn’t win (we can’t all be Obama), but I sure had fun designing and sketching!

I discovered that designing a stamp is quite different from a regular illustration. For starters, it has to be commercially interesting, if you want the design to a) win and b) sell! And you can’t add too much detail, fine lines will just ink up. So I thought of all the things I used a stamp for myself. I sketched, I scribbled, I wrote down thoughts, I just tried all sorts of things. Then I picked out the best ideas and improved them. Finally, when I was happy with my designs, I traced them on a crisp white sheet of paper and scanned it.

Since I can’t work in Illustrator, I always use Photoshop for the next steps. I cut out each design, zoom in on my scan and erase all things that accidently got there. A line that went to far, a piece of dust, that sort of thing. When I’m satisfied, I save the whole thing, and voila, there you have it, my entries for the Moosmade design competition! Too bad I didn’t win, but I had fun anyway and that’s what counts. Congratulations to the three winners!


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