Inspiration Friday: The Pro Bono Project

Check this out: Ankepanke Design started the Pro Bono Project, where she will design a logo for a starting company for free, once a month. Why? “Because I know what it’s like to start your own business, because the image of your business is so important, because I believe in karma and because I just love designing.” I’d say those are four great reasons!

Even though I love designing and illustrating, I always find it hard to make time for it. Sounds contradictory, but sadly it’s true. I love being creative, but when I’ve been at work all day, thinking up concepts for the little movies I make, writing texts, thinking about our company’s brand, I just can’t find the fuel to do anything creative at home anymore. I just want to sit on the couch and knit.

I need people to give me assignments. That’s when I really work well. I guess I’m just a sucker for projects with deadlines. So even though I love drawing, I actually only start drawing when someone asks me to (so thank you Em’s Cakes and Cookies for asking me you know what. Thanks for fuelling my creativity!). Weird, huh? It doesn’t work that way with, like I said, knitting, or doing some crochet, or even bookbinding. That I do anytime I like. But designing? No, I need assignments to get me going. No idea why, but that’s just what works best for me.*

I love paying it forward and helping other people, but I don’t think at all that I could design a logo for any company once a month, even though that would be a great (as we say in Dutch) ‘kick under the ass’ (yes, I am aware of the engrish here). I’m just not at all confident enough that I could do it. Nonetheless it’s very inspiring to read about someone else doing just that. It’s a great idea and I can’t wait to see all the cool logo’s Ankepanke will design. And maybe… someday… I might just start a pro bono project of my own…

*I have to be honest though. It might just also have something to do with the fact that the past couple of months have been just crazy. Being very busy at work, selling my house and moving aren’t exactly great sources for the creative fuel…so things might just get better after I’ve been on holiday…

Een gedachte over “Inspiration Friday: The Pro Bono Project

  1. Jacolien zegt:

    Rivka, you’re not the only one.
    I did an online drawing course and I’ve been drawing a lot that time, but since it ended it is hard for me to pick up a pencil and sit down to draw something.
    I think I also prefer to get assignments. 🙂

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