The making of… A simple knitted cowl

For years, I’ve had beautiful purple yarn in my stash. It’s 100% pure wool, the color is amazing, but I just never knew what to do with it. Then I looked for inspiration on the web, and found this which I pinned on my pinterest for future reference. Now, I’m never one to really follow instructions. I get inspired, read the manual and then try something else myself. Usually out of need (I don’t have the exact same yarn, or the exact sized needle) and sometimes also just because I want it to look slightly different (bigger, smaller, that sort of thing).

The only thing my cowl has in common with its inspiration is the title: a super simple knitted cowl. I just cast on about 70 stitches on a circular needle size 10, joined the edges by knitting the last and first stitch together, and then just knit the most simple stitch you can knit. After about five rounds I decided it was too large, and as I was just too lazy to start all over again, in the next round every fourth and fifth stitch were knit together. I ended up with about 50 stitches which was way better. And you hardly see it anyway, since it all curls up around your neck. Once the height was to my liking, I just finished the thing.

Like I said, it’s a super simple knitted cowl!

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