The making of… Creasint

There’s Santa Claus. But there’s a Dutch guy that looks like Santa Claus too, only he decided to give us all presents on the 5th on December. Someone has to be the first, huh? His name is Sinterklaas, but he’s also known as Sint.

The loveley Imke asked all these tweeps and bloggers if they wanted to join her in Creasint, a creative version of Sinterklaas. She (or I believe, her husband) collected all the names and information, shook it around in a little bowl, and sent everyone the name of someone to get a gift for. The rules of the game? Doesn’t matter if you buy something new, something old, or make something, as long as you do it with love.

So here’s what I did for my ‘victim’:

The making of Creasint1. I checked out her Pinterest page to see what she liked. I knew quite quickly that I wanted to do something with her love for birds and trees.
2. I started sketching, got a couple of erasers, and drew the final sketches on them.
3. Then I started cutting into the eraser, one design at a time.
4. Once my hands were sore, the stamps were finished and I checked them carefully to see they were perfectly cut.
5. Then I stamped the designs on cardboard and cut the pieces slightly larger than the stamps themselves.
6. And with the little help of double-sided tape… There you have it! Handmade creasint stamps!

Happy Sinterklaas everyone!

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