The making of… The workshop DIY Stationery

As you might know, I’m a big fan of Lisa Manuels and her shop Elle Aime, and especially of the workshops she hosts. So when she asked me if I wanted to host a workshop there, I jumped for joy. Of course I’d love to do a workshop at her place! What kind of workshop? DIY stationery of course!

So after some thorough preperation (which sounds like hard work, but it just meant we spent an afternoon making all the pretty things we would teach the students), December 9th was there. We had a lot of competition from other great events (the Swan Market, to name one), but still there were six very enthusiastic pupils!

The workshop DIY StationeryEveryone worked so hard, someone even started making a garland on the floor because there wasn’t enough room on the table! It was great to help everyone and see all the pretty notebooks, envelopes, giftbags and tags they made (very inspiring!). Lisa’s shop is filled with old books, magazines and pretty paper, so there was plenty of material to choose from. I even had a little time to make a handy book myself, from little paper bags in which I can keep all the little pieces of cute paper I’ll (hopefully) find in Japan!

The workshop DIY Stationery (2)Thank you everyone for attending this workshop, you’re the best! Thank you Lisa for asking me, what a great opportunity! And if you see all these pictures and want to make your own stationery too, just bookmark Lisa’s workshop page. There’ll definitely be another workshop DIY Stationery in 2013!



6 gedachtes over “The making of… The workshop DIY Stationery

    • rrrauw zegt:

      Ooooh ja, lijkt me leuk! Gaan we bij mijn terugkomst eens over praten 🙂 Heb ik gelijk een excuus om allerlei japanse stationery boeken in te slaan, hehehe… (niet dat ik daar een excuus voor nodig heb natuurlijk).

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