The making of… A custommade diary

Custommade diary stationery

In the biggest (Japanese) stationerystore I have ever seen (more about that in another blogpost, soon) I bought these custom diary stickers. They come in different sizes and you can choose from a number of designs. It’s so cool! Instead of buying any readymade diary from a store, you just take your favorite notebook and customize the whole thing. Or you, like me, just make your own notebook for that matter.

DIY notebookAs soon as I settled back in from my holiday in Japan, I grabbed some white and colored recycled paper (1), bound the pages together (2 and 3), glued the flyleaves into place (4), attached a recycled ribbon (5) and glued a piece of bookbindingfabric around the back (7). While I left the whole thing to dry, I turned this pizzabox (7, and now you know my favorite pizza) into a front and cover (8), using the beautiful maskingtape I picked up in Japan.

Handmade, custommade diarytNow I have my own notebook, ready to be completely customized as a diary!

Do you keep a diary? What does it look like?



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