Inspiration Friday: Japan

Three weeks in Japan and I’ve seen enough cool, beautiful, funny, strange and inspiring things to fill a whole new website. To spare you the hours of storytelling and browsing through almost 900 photos, here’s a little summary of inspiring Japanese things:

1. All the beautilful handmade products, like these tiny purses (Kyoto), origami cranes that welcomed us in our hotel (Nagasaki) and of course all the stationery (Tokyo). Where else in the world do you find such a wide range of post-its? Ah, the things one can do with it… Obviously anything that’s handmade or helps you making handmade products inspires me!
Inspiring Japan (1)

2. Things that make life so much more fun, like Hello Kitty sugarcoated apples (Kagoshima), manhole covers with drawings on them (Tokyo), happy tiles (Kagoshima), a thing like this deer with camera’s on its back (Kyoto), and smileys on your Starbuckscoffee (Akita). Boring things turn into something that put a smile on your face, it inspires you to do that yourself too!
Inspiring Japan (2)

3. The normal things of everyday life that are so different from Europe, like the many bicycles and plants outside the homes (Kyoto), free hotspring-footbaths (Sakurajima), colorful buildings and of course the food. It’s always inspiring to see the daily lives of other cultures. A fresh view on life can inspire you to do things differently.
Inspiring Japan (3)

4. The amazing shrines, filled with beautiful decorations and forms, there’s just so much attention to detail, it’s so inspiring (all photos taken in Kyoto)!
Inspiring Japan (4)

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